You might have thought of techno music when reading “UFZ” – don’t worry, many people do. The UFZ is not actually a techno disco (fortunately), but the University of Salzburg’s fitness centre. Read on to find out what it looks like, what fitness equipment is available and what rates apply.

The UFZ was opened in 2011, and due to the increasing number of members and to make it (even) more beautiful, it was quickly rebuilt and reopened in 2017. The UFZ has 600 to 800 members per year.

The UFZ: a fitness centre at a feel-good rate

The UFZ is mainly used by students and staff of the University of Salzburg, but people from outside the university also take advantage of the pleasant training atmosphere. Different rates apply for all three groups, but they are all affordable. An extra bonus: the training plans are free of charge. And yes, you read the plural correctly here, because not only a training plan, but also plan adjustments are already included in the membership fee. In addition, during opening hours you can always rely on dedicated and highly qualified staff like Magdalena and David, who run the UFZ on behalf of a great team (Claudia, Petra, Michi, Timo and Marko) and are available to answer your questions. By the way: At the UFZ, training therapy is very important – it’s not always about pumping iron, but about being, becoming and staying healthy and fit.

Trainer mit UFZ-Mitglied auf Crosstrainer

Those with a disability are also welcome at the UFZ. People who are part of the More4Refugees programme can train for one semester free of charge.

Training at the UFZ: the hard facts

The University of Salzburg’s Fitness Centre has a large training area with four treadmills, two spinning bikes, eight normal bikes, two cross trainers, two AMTs (Adaptive Motion Trainers), two rowing machines and two rowing machines. In addition, there is a free weight area and a calisthenics area (for exercises using your own body weight). Behind the large training area there are two course rooms that are used for various USI sports courses, such as yoga and Pilates. Please note: USI courses are not included in the UFZ membership.


For those who are in no hurry after a workout, there is a relaxing sauna. It’s not switched on? Don’t panic. If it’s not on, you don’t need to call the sauna emergency number (yes, that actually happened once). Just let the reception know and they’ll be able to help you out.

Would you like more information about the UFZ or are you already interested in a trial training session? Don’t be shy, get in touch with Magdalena or David from the UFZ!

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