Are you about to start your studies in Salzburg and are still looking for somewhere to live? There are three possible options: a room in student halls, a shared flat or your own apartment. But what is the best choice and where can students find the best offers for accommodation in Salzburg? Not so easy if you’ve enjoyed the comforts of living at home up to now. But don’t panic, this article will be able to help kick start your search.

Whether a room in student halls, a shared flat or your own apartment, each option has its clear advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to decide which option suits you best.

Living in Salzburg: Option 1 Student halls

There are several student halls of residence in the city of Salzburg with single and shared rooms. Many student residences are used as hotels in the summer months, so you may have to move out and return for the start of the winter semester. Student halls of residence are a good choice, especially for first-year students, because you will meet many other students and make your first friends. Prices for a place in a shared room range from 200 – 320 euros per month, a single room from 300 – 450 euros. It also helps to get a room that’s already furnished, so you don’t have to lug around large pieces of furniture. Disadvantages? You’ll have to plan a few months in advance if you want to move into halls and apply as soon as possible. Make sure you take a bit of time to compare the halls of residence, as there are both very modern and more old-fashioned accommodations. After all, you want to find somewhere you can call home for the start of your studies.

Living in Salzburg: Option 2 shared flat

You’ve got enough people together to start a flat share or you’re keen to move into a shared flat with new people? That’s good too, because there are plenty of shared flats in Salzburg. You can expect to pay between 320 and 450 euros for a private room with shared living spaces. If you get along well with your flatmates, a shared flat is of course a great thing, but you also have to expect that there will probably be more potential for conflict than in halls. The most important thing for a harmonious flat share is tidiness and respect. In other words, make a cleaning plan or even a cooking plan (post in German), sort the fridge shelves by person, and simply show consideration for each other. By the way, you can find most shared rooms on the ÖH Housing Exchange or wg-gesucht.

Living in Salzburg: Option 3 private apartment

Turn up the music, leave the dirty dishes on the side and run around the flat naked: In your own apartment you’re free to do whatever you want without the judgement of others. Especially for introverts, this option may sound like a little slice of heaven. However, you should also bear in mind that if you have your own flat, you might not bump into many other students and it could be harder to meet friends as easily. In addition, a private flat in Salzburg will cost between 450 and 600 euros per month. You can find adverts for private flats on and sometimes also on the ÖH Housing Exchange.

Still can’t decide which option is best for you? Share your thoughts with friends and family, they will surely help you make the right decision. Even after a few weeks of living in Salzburg, you can still change your mind! Good luck in your search for the perfect accommodation and for living in Salzburg!

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